Student Services

Visa Services​

We provide visa application service for students and parents to travel to Canada and visit their children in Canada, which is provided by the company’s senior immigration and registered immigration consultant, helping students’ parents successfully obtain multiple valid visit visas in Canada. To provide Canadian study permit and student visa extension application service for students who have studied in Canada, provided by the company’s senior immigration Canada registered immigration consultant, to help international students successfully obtain the study permit and student visa for the next academic year.

Pickup Service

To ensure the safe arrival of our students in Canada, to quickly adapt to the new living environment, and to understand the curriculum of Canadian high school in advance, to make full preparations for the beginning of this school year. waiting for the students to arrive at the international arrival exit of Toronto airport, Canada. After receiving the students, the students will be delivered to the boarding school or host family, and then the information will be sent to the parents.

Assist in Account Management

Provide Canadian telecommunication services and financial service information, assist students to choose telecommunication and banking service providers, and assist students to open mobile banking accounts.

    Host Family Service Process

  1. Get to know the details of students and their parents, fill in the host family application, and contact the student’s guardian in Canada.
  2. Screened candidate host families through Canadian resources, contacted host family members and prepared for students to live in host families.
  3. When staying with the host family, you should pay the monthly fee and the house deposit when you check in. The housing deposit will be returned when the student moves out and the room is not damaged.
  4. In the next two months after arrival, if the student cannot continue to live with due to the host family, we will contact the new host family free of charge.

     Full Monitoring In Canada

  1. Issue custody claim documents as required by immigration.
  2. Issue custody declaration documents as required by board of education.
  3. Act as emergency contact for students in Canada.
  4. The students will be picked up when they arrive in Canada.
  5. Lead students to open mobile accounts and bank accounts.
  6. Lead students to the school for enrollment.
  7. After enrollment, gardians will communicate with parents regularly about school affairs.