Prep System

This is a college preparatory course for students who have completed their senior year. One-stop university application service provides a solid foundation for students to enter prestigious Canadian universities.

Course Feature

Student who have completed the study in Grade 12 studies in China will need to complete a minimum of at least 6 pre-University credits in VIA to obtain a diploma (OSSD) from province high school.

Program Advantages​

High school diploma is recognized by universities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. It has the same advantages as local students in applying for universities and scholarships. The application channel is OUAC 101 code, and it is easier to get an OFFER from a prestigious university than from Chinese high school transcript.

Flexible Environment ​

Ontario art and design high school starts in February, June, August, and November. If IELTS does not meet the university admission requirements, students can take relevant courses in advance, and ESL courses will be opened every two months.

Planning Guidance​

Our personal planner will provide one-on-one guidance for students to specify personalized application planning, and deal with each student’s needs in a comprehensive professional way. This can include OUAC registration, university confirmation letters, account opening fees, submitting IELTS scores, designing and submitting portfolios, etc.