VIA’s art training program are designed for students who are interested in art but have limited access to it. The program is committed to accelerating the level of painting and ensuring that the portfolio meets the requirements of college admission while completing the credit courses in high school. This course is for every student who wants to enter the field of art and design to achieve the dream.


Get to Know Art

  • This course is suitable for students who have completed junior high school or senior high school.

  • Interested in art/design without any relevant foundation.

  • The main purpose is to cultivate students’ interest in learning and the correct use of creative tools.

Course Content:
2.Acrylic Painting

1.Adobe Photoshop
2.Adobe Illustrator
3.Collage Art
4.Photo Editing
5.Graphic Tablet

3d Modeling
1.3d Pen Sculpture
2.Foam Matt
3.Wood Working


Develop Your Skills

  • This course is suitable for students who have a basic knowledge of sketch.

  • Interested in art/design and interested in applying for art colleges.

  • The course will help students maintain their current level but will focus on developing their creative thinking and learning how to create independently.

Course Content
1.Figure Sketching
2.Acrylic Painting
3.Intro To Oil Painting

1.Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Illustrator
2.Able to Complete Entry-level Graphic Design
3.Basic Photographic Skills/Editing
4.Able To Complete The Entry-level Graphic Tablet Painting Project

3d modeling
1.Able To Complete Basic Model Making Project Using Multi-media Material


Prepare For The Higher Bar

  • This course is suitable for students with a strong sketch foundation.

  • For students who have clear intention to apply for art colleges and universities, and have clear ideas and purposes of their own.

  • This course will be based on the students’ own examination purpose for preparation and improve the portfolio.

Course Content
1.Art & Design Artwork Creation For Specific Program(s) Of Study

Design Software/Art Media
1.Demonstrating a wide range of media use from traditional to digital media within a portfolio of art & design work with intent, idea development and reasoning through exploration and experimentation for the specific art & design program or programs of study selected.

3D Modelling:
1.Able to complete a model making project using multi-media material for an idea portfolio piece for a specific art & design program or programs of study

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