How to Apply

Each and every step is transparent from filling in the forms to take off at the airport


  • Please complete the admission requirement form, signed by students and parents.
  • Transcript from the past two years with English translated version, mark the percentage rate.
  • School letter or graduation certificate with English version.
  • Complete the graduation form(only applies to students under 18)



  • Pre-Acceptance Letter will be sent via email 3 days after application approval.
  • *Note: Pre-Acceptance Letter is not your official Acceptance Letter.
  • Upon receiving of tuition fee, Acceptance Letter and receipt of tuition will be mailed to address provided in 10 business days.



  • Other fees are due 3 days after the acknowledgement of Study Permit approval. Fees are due before deadline provided.
  •  Applicant must fill out pick-up, and hotel form, Please keep mobile for contact.



  • Documents for custom inspection.
  • Study proof or graduation documents in English.
  • Vaccination Documents.
  • Letter of Acceptance.

See you here!